This is Walkera's latest edition to the Flybarless "V Series" of electric R/C helicopters.  It is an updated version of the Walkera V450D01 flybarless
belt cp with less metal parts and more plastic carbon fiber particle parts.  This greatly reduces the cost of the helicopter.  The new 2.4 Ghz 6-channel
collective pitched (CP) helicopter capable of 3-D flight.  It's simple flybarless design coupled with the NEW  6-axis gyro making this helicopter easy to
fly for any beginner moving into the 6-channel CP level.   While the older 450D01 is the first model and used high end materials like carbon fiber and
CNC aluminum, packed with high tech 6-Axis gyro and digital metal gear servos. They revised it a few times, updated some electronics and V450D01
became the flagship model in their product line. However, those carbon fibers and aluminum CNC aren't cheap.  The market demands something with
a better price point and along comes the NEW V450D03.  Fortunately, the V450D03 is not a cheap helicopter with downgraded stuff.  It uses the new
6-Axis gyro, high speed brushless motor, and digital metal gear (MG) servos.  Walkera just changed the expensive material to carbon fiber reinforced
this lowers the cost dramatically, and the result? Everybody's happy.  Value in Price and Performance -- Well done, Walkera!

V450D03 is light compared to the V450D01. The light weight gives the heli more direct control and more agility. We also noticed the precision on the
rotor head and tail assembly, they have ZERO gaps.  Walkera has done a better job on plastic parts than metal parts (Because plastic parts are mass
produced from molding, unlike metal CNC work, each one is hand made).  Flying the V450D03 is very easy because it has a responsive chassis and
very direct control thanks to the use of Plasticl. You may say Plastic Heli is cheaper than Carbon Fiber + Metal Heli, well, not exactly, because
now-a-days plastic industry has improved a lot, they mix composite material into the plastic.  Walkera is using plastic composite materials which makes
this helicopter stronger and lighter.  Walkera has taken a bold move as the new composite plastic gives the chassis elasticity.  You can actually feel
this when you are flying as it is smoother over that Carbon Fiber and Aluminum helis.

No matter you are a Beginners or Expert, you will love the V450D03. It has the Stability, thanks to 6-Axis Gyro technology.  It has the agility and
handling thanks to the well made plastic parts, the brushless power system, and digital metal gear servos. So, if you are a beginner with experience
on Co-Axial and Single Rotor Helis, this is your best choice for outdoor heli.
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V450D01 Features:

1). Flybarless Rotor Head has Less Moving Parts and results in
saving your battery for about 2-3 minutes of flight time! (depends on
your flying behavior)

2). Flybarless Helicopter - The Flybarless Rotor Head has many
advantages as it is a much simpler design than a flyabr helicopter.
The Flybarless V450D03 has a 6-Axis Gyro.

3). Amazing Tail Holding ability - The 6-Axis Gyro controls the
Ultra-fast rudder servo, and the servo tail blade pitch to change heli
heading. This linkage is flawless, very precise!

Receiver: RX-2703H-D w/ Integrated Walkera 6 Axis Flybarless System
Speed Controller/ESC: 40 Amp WK-WST-40A-2
Brushless Motor: WK-SW-26-001
Battery: 3S 11.1V 2600mah LiPo (Lithium Polymer)
Cyclic Servos: (3) WK-09-8 / weight 13.8g / speed 0.12sec/60 degrees (4.8V) / torque 1.6Kg/cm (4.8V)
Cyclic Servo Dimensions: 22.5mm x 11.8mm x 25.5mm
Tail Servo: (1) WK-2601H / weight 24.5g / speed 0.08sec/60 degrees (4.8V) / torque 3.5kgf.cm (4.8V)
Tail Servo Dimensions: 34.8mm x 15.3mm x 29.5mm
Main Rotor Dia. : 731mm
Tail Rotor Dia. : 150mm
Overall Length: 670mm
All-up Weight: 748g (Battery included)
Requires Transmitter: WK-DEVO 7 (NOT Included)

What’s Needed for Flight:

(1) Walkera WK-DEVO 7, 8S, 10, OR 12S Transmitter

A Note on Setup:

When you bind your Walkera 2.4GHz transmitter to your current BNF Walkera model, please be aware that you will need
to perform proper electronic setups within the transmitter, such as servo reversing, end point adjustments, pitch curves,
throttle curves, and other such functions. Proper mechanical adjustments may need to be performed to make sure the
BNF Walkera helicopter is performing as it should, per the stated manual.  We test fly before shipping out to you for
Piece of Mind (POM).

Before your 1st flight, always be sure to do a proper “pre-flight” check to make sure your kit is flight worthy. Be sure to check all servo
movements, be certain servos are moving in the proper direction, and look over  the helicopter for any flaws, damage or otherwise. If a part is
loose, be sure proper tools are used to tighten said part, and be sure to use thread locking compound on all metal to metal parts.

Before flight, remove the main rotor blades & tail rotor blades and perform an initial power up of the helicopter to make sure the motor is
functioning as it should. Once confirmed the motor is functioning, power off the helicopter and attach main rotor blades & tail rotor blades,
making sure they are properly tightened.

For the 1st flight, be sure to fly in an open area free of obstacles with low wind. If any drifting is seen, use trims to cancel this out, or mechanical
adjustments via the rotor system. In short, proper setup depends upon you, as all RTF helicopters require correct setup for the best flight

Package Includes:
Walkera V450D03 2.4G 6CH Flybarless Helicopter
User's Manual (CD DISC)
TX is Not included
LIPO Battery Not included
LIPO Charger Not included
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