Why Convert to a Metal Gear Servos ?

    The Walkera V400D02  is one of the newest Flybarless helicopters utilizing the 3-axis gyro technology, but because it uses a flybarless system, it causes
    more stress on the three cyclic servos.  Walkera uses plastic nylon gear servos which we found to be inadequate as minor crashes will strip the plastic
    gears.  Even the Hitec HS55 servo wouldn't hold as it is still plastic nylon gear based.  The solution was to find a metal gear servo.   Most metal gear
    servos are larger than their stock replacements.  We had tried many metal gear servos including the TowerPro MG90, Turnigy MG90S, and the HK933.  All  
    require extensive milling with a dremel like tool.  Additionally, the HK933 requires reversing some switch settings.  We found one that was basically the
    same dimensions without having to change switch settings on the TX. With the Metal Gear (MG) servo we found, the front of the servo is slightly longer and
    the servo mount points needed to be slightly adjusted by some slight drilling of the plastic casing to fit the Walkera Metal servo mounting brackets --  
    Minimal work compared to the other metal gear servos mentioned above.

    Overall, when installed, these servos are a little noisy, but does not mean the servo is defective.  The performance is better as the metal gears are more
    precise offering slightly better response time and more torque relative to the stock servos. Gear stripping is near non-existant.

    Note:  You must have the brushless kit in order to fit all THREE servos.  The reason being is that the Metal Gear Servos stick out more and the stock
    carbon brushed motor will obstruct the front servo arm.  Otherwise, with the stock carbon brushed motor, only the back TWO servos can only fit.

    When purchasing these metal gear servos, make sure you are comfortable with some light drilling/milling used to shave off some plastic on the
    servo casing.  Additionally, before doing this procedure it is recommended that you test all servos by plugging into the Rx.  Make sure that the servos
    are moving properly.  We cannot honor any returns, once the servo's casing are drilled/milled.  If you are not comfortable with this, DO NOT purchase
    the metal gear servos.
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Upgrade to High Speed Metal Gear (MG) Servos for your
2.4 Ghz WALKERA V400402 / Exceed RC XH400 / Century UK Neon Blaze SE FLYBARLESS
6-Channel Collective Pitched (CP) Electric Helicopter
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METAL GEAR SERVO-These digital metal gear (MG) servos are constructed from high quality materials. The
metal gear servos will make it easier for the V400D02 to avoid most gear stripping and handle much better as the
response time and torque characteristics are much better than the stock servos. (Move Mouse Pointer over servo
picture to see the inside metal gears -- wait for image to load).

Type: Digital
Operating Voltage: 4.8V / 6.0V
Stall Torque: 1.5kg.cm /1.8kg.cm
Size: 23X12.1X25.8mm
Weight: 11g
Ball bearing: Top Ball Bearing
Gear: Metal

Price:    $19.99
Courtesy of:  Camiramirezc

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METAL SERVO GEAR BOX SET - Suitable for the Metal Gear (MG) Servo above.  (Note: This requires reasonable
knowledge for removing/installing the gear box of the Metal Gear (MG) Servo.)

Price:    $5.99
(1) SET

METAL GEAR SERVO BALL END SCREW-These one piece metal balls connect right into the servo arms of the
Metal Gear Servo above.  These balls have thicker stems than the stock balls offering the needed strength to handle
any agressive sport flying. The one piece design offers quick and easy installation.

Price:    $4.99